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We Are Different

DRN Education is different from other healthcare education and licensing exam preparation companies in two VERY important ways.

  • DRN Education is owned and managed by EDUCATORS — not by business executives… educators who are experienced in the unique needs of those studying to pursue careers in medicine, nursing, and other allied healthcare professions.
  • DRN Education thinks first and foremost about YOUR SUCCESS — not about profits or shareholders.


Not "One Size Fits All"

DRN Education also understands that every learner is unique; so, we do not try to force you into a small menu of proprietary services as so many other companies do.

INSTEAD, we offer products and services from other trusted providers, in addition to our own.

Experience has taught us what resources from the many available providers are the best; and, we recommend different solutions to different students, based upon individual differences in learners.

Even though DRN may have a branded solution…  If we believe that another company's product is a better fit for you, that is what we will suggest.


Comprehensive Solutions

It takes more than just some review videos, a book or two, and some practice questions to get to the professional career of your dreams.  That is why DRN Education offers a comprehensive collection of services and products to support you along your pathway to success.

Other companies cannot be bothered to provide these ancillary services; but, we know that they are important to your pathway.

Professional development, exam scheduling assistance, housing resources, and stress management are just a few examples of the many student support services that we offer.

What Our Students Say About Us…

Testimonial - Johanna Campos, MD

This journey is hard to figure out, especially for an IMG.  Fortunately, I met Duane Hill.  He became my mentor and friend, with so much important advice.

Johanna Campos, MD

Testimonial - Rinu Sharon Varghese, MD

Dr Ravi is the best counselor anyone could ever have.  The level of knowledge he owns in different aspects of the field is impeccable.

Rinu Sharon Varghese, MD

Testimonial - Tam Tran, MD

Duane is a great, experienced, and professional resource that IMGs can trust to get a successful MATCH result.

Tam Tran, MD

The End of Confusion

Maneuvering the pathway to healthcare licensure can be intimidating; and, there is no shortage of biased and often-contradictory information available online.

DRN Education advisors are educators — and they have years of experience guiding students and healthcare professionals through the process.

DRN Education… Where Confusion Ends

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