Dr Duane P Hill PhD

Dr Duane P Hill PhD

Medicine and Allied Health Programs

Dean of Operations, DRN Education
Executive Director of Operations, The DRN Group

Professor of Biology
Lead Advisor, Residency Application Support Services
Director, Certification Programs

While active in research for many years, Dr Hill's true passion is education.  For over 25 years, he has taught biology both formally (in school and university classrooms) and informally.  His objective as an educator is to assist learners in understanding topics which they thought were not understandable.  He is a sought-after adviser, with a quirky sense of humor.  When he is not with students, he can be found working behind the scenes in administration.

In his free time, Dr Hill enjoys movies and music, researches his familily's genealogy, studies US railroad history, and is an amateur radio enthusiast and emergency services volunteer.  He is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox.




Molecular Biology
Anatomy & Physiology (Nursing and Allied Health)
Medical Laboratory Technology


Member, National Science Teaching Association

Medical Technologist – MT(ASCP)

Technologist in Cytogenetics – +CG(ASCP)

Specialist in Hematology – +SH(ASCP)

Google Certified Educator

Professional Affiliations

Wallaby Laboratories

Kitty Knight Ventures

The DRN Group

Research Experience

Determinants of bcl2 Oncogene Translocation

Evolutionary Conservation of the Prokaryotic Chi (Χ) Signal

Strand-Specific DNA Mismatch Repair in Human Cells

The Occurrence of Clinically Significant Vibrio spp in the Environment of the Delmarva Pensinsula

Synthesis of Platinum-Amide Complexes as Intermediates to Morphine-Class Pharmacologic Agents

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