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USMLE® Exam Preparation and Advising

It takes more than reading some books and doing some practice questions to prepare for the toughest exams of your professional life.

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Why DRN Education

DRN Education advisors are educators — and they have years of experience guiding students and healthcare professionals through the process.  We are good at it!

DRN Education advisors do not work for the major USMLE service providers, whose advisors have to recommend only their company's products and services.  Our advisors are objective and are able to recommend what we believe to be the BEST solutions for you from many different providers.

DRN Education… Where Confusion Ends


Services Available

USMLE advising and tutoring services are provided in partnership with USMLE-Pro, a DRN Educational Group company.
$50/ hour

Common Topics:

  • Study Plans
  • Resource Selection
  • Test Readiness
  • NBME's and Assessments
  • Observerships
  • CV's and Resume's
  • Specialty Selection
  • ERAS® Planning
$50/ hour

Common Topics:

  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Ethics
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Question Answering Skills
Video Lectures
$87/ Lifetime Access

Special DRN Price

Basic Sciences and Clinical Medicine Topics

New Lectures Weekly

3D Anatomy Atlases

Highly Recommended by
Dr Ravi and Dr Hill

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Unlimited advising for only $60 per month.

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Lead USMLE® Advisor

Dr Ravi Draksharam MD

Ravi Draksharam MD

Medicine and Allied Health Programs

About Dr Ravi

20 Years Experience Working With Students and IMGs Preparing for the USMLEs

ECFMG-Certified Physician

Highly Sought-After Mentor/Advisor

Readily Adapts To Students With Different Learning Styles and Knowledge Levels

Very Familiar with Both Traditional and New Learning and Study Resources


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What Others Say About Him:

"Dr Ravi is the best counselor anyone could ever have.  THANK YOU, Dr Ravi!"

"He found the way to explain to me those topics that were really difficult to understand."

"His advice kept me motivated."

"Dr Ravi helped me to understand what material I should study — the right thing at the right time."


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