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Observerships and Hands-On Rotations For International Physicians, Medical Students, and Allied Healthcare Professionals

US Clinical Experience Programs

Provided in partnership with The American Association of International Healthcare Professionals and with DRN Medical Group PA, of Houston, Texas

Why US Clinical Experience Is Needed

Having US Clinical Experience is REQUIRED to obtain US medical residencies and fellowships.

While you will not see it listed, per se, in applications and in the NRMP Program Director Survey, International Medical Graduates MUST have US Clinical Experience when applying to medical residency and fellowship programs in the United States.

When evaluating applications from IMGs, Program Directors depend upon US Clinical Experience…

  • To demonstrate that the applicant has familiarity and experience in the US healthcare system
  • To demonstrate that the applicant has familiarity and experience with the US standards of doctor-patient relationships
  • To demonstrate that the applicant has familiarity and experience with the US standards of peer relationships in healthcare settings
  • To allow US physicians to evaluate the applicant's professionalism versus US standards and expectations
  • To allow US physicians to evaluate the applicant's aptitude for and likelihood of success in a US residency or fellowship program

US Clinical Experience rotations also give you opportunities to obtain Letters of Recommendation from US-practicing physicians, and they allow you to demonstrate commitment to specialty.

Simply put… Without US Clinical Experience, your application is almost worthless.

Types of US Clinical Experience

Not all US Clinical Experience is alike.

US Clinical Experience rotations (aka "Observerships") come in two basic types:

  • True OBSERVER Type
  • HANDS-ON Type

True OBSERVER Type rotations are just that… Stand and OBSERVE.
These rotations do not provide an opportunity for you to interact with patients; and, as such, do not give you the experiences needed and do not give the preceptor an opportunity to evaluate the skills needed to support an ERAS application.

HANDS-ON Type rotations are INTERACTIVE.
While variable, these rotations provide the opportunity to interact with patients – perhaps taking histories, doing physical examinations, or even doing minor procedures. You gain valuable experience in US healthcare; and, your preceptor has the opportunity to evaluate you and to provide meaningful comments in their Letters of Recommendations to Program Directors.

Note: Practically all advisors and preceptors use the term "Observership" generically to refer to all US Clinical Experience rotations.  It is the actual experience and the description that counts.

You need HANDS-ON Type US Clinical Experience.

When selecting US Clinical Experience – regardless of what it is called – you should select rotations and/or observership service providers that supply INTERACTIVE, HANDS-ON experience.

USCE rotations affiliated with DRN Education are HANDS-ON experiences.

Why Choose DRN Education US Clinical Experience

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Services Available

US Clinical Experience rotations and information services are provided in partnership with The American Association of International Healthcare Professionals and with DRN Medical Group PA, of Houston, Texas.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some physicians are still not doing rotations, are accepting limited numbers of rotating students, and/or are doing only telemedicine rotations due to COVID-19.  You should keep this in mind, and you should check back with physicians routinely to see as their policies change.
Observership Essentials

1-Day Workshop

Covers Basic Theory and Practical Skills…
US Standards of Basic Patient Care
In-Office Labs

Prove That You Have the Skills To Work in a US Medical Office

(Required for USCE Placement)

AAIHCP USCE Rotations List

Physicians with a Track-Record of Welcoming International Physicians and Medical Students and Providing Positive USCE Rotation Experiences

Note that some physcians on the list do charge for rotations and/or LoRs.  This is a private transaction between the physician and the rotating student.

*  Requires AAIHCP membership to access the list

USCE Rotations
DRN Medical Group
$500/ month

Acquire Hands-On US Clinical Experience in This Busy Practice

Work with Multiple Providers

Extremely IMG Friendly

Situated in Houston, Texas

No Extra Charge for LoR's

Provided in Special Partnership with DRN Medical Group of Houston, Texas

Malpractice Insurance
 Price Varies

HPSO® Provides EXTREMELY Affordable Student Malpractice Insurance
(As Low As $38 per Term)

International Physicians and Healthcare Students Are Eligible

$1,000,000 per Claim Coverage

(Required for USCE Placement)

All Students Receive a Free One-Year Membership in the
American Association of International Healthcare Professionals.

Enhance Your ERAS® Application with Membership in a US Professional Association.

The End of Confusion

Maneuvering the pathway to healthcare licensure can be intimidating; and, there is no shortage of biased and often-contradictory information available online.

DRN Education advisors are educators — and they have years of experience guiding students and healthcare professionals through the process.

DRN Education… Where Confusion Ends

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