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Study Online For The Ultimate In Convenience And Flexibility With Your Existing Schedule

Online Study Options

Benefits of Online Preparation

Convenience.  Affordability.  Flexibility.

When the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic made virtually all training go online in 2020, people saw what DRN Education has been saying for years: You do not need to put your entire life on hold for 3 years, spend $100,000 or more, and move halfway around the world in order to prepare for US healthcare training and/or practice.

While it is true that…

  • Some students require in-person instruction and motivation,
  • Practical skills cannot be learned and/or evaluated virtually, and
  • ALL students will benefit from some in-person time in the United States prior to placement

… many students find it advantageous to do a lot of their preparation online.

Typically, individuals who come to the US to do all of their preparation via in-person study programs:

  • Have to obtain student visas and have to contend with the associated restrictions and inconveniences of maintaining student visa status
  • Have to quit their current jobs and are restricted from earning money while in the United States
  • Have the compound expenses of paying expensive tuition AND providing for the cost of living — while (probably) not being able to earn money
  • Have to leave family and friends behind – sometimes spouses and children – to come to the US while studying… and may not see them for months

With online preparation — which can be just as good (or even better) — this is not the case.

A well-designed online study plan…

  • Allows you to stay where you are – be that still-in-school or working
  • Gives you a LOT of flexibility to study where and when you can… while still taking care of life and your existing obligations and responsibilities
  • Blends a variety of effective online resources and tools on a timeline that prioritizes your goals and is balanced with your needs
  • Includes some in-person practical training – which can generally be accomplished in a few months (and usually on a tourist visa, if needed)
  • Permits you to continue working and earning money to underwrite your studies
  • Keeps you near the support of family and friends during a stressful process
  • Costs CONSIDERABLY less
  • Usually takes the same amount of time – or, might even take less

A DRN Education academic advisor is excited to put together a timeline and online study plan for you.
Contact us today, for more information or to make an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Online Advising

Online meetings have become easy and commonplace.

Whether you're a Baby-Boomer or a Gen-Z'er… we've all gotten used to video conferencing.
DRN Education online advising is just that.

DRN Education advisors use the following best-in-class platforms for student advising.
Both are very easy-to-use and are user-friendly:

  • RingCentral Meeting
  • Zoom Meeting

Both apps are free for you to use when meeting with a DRN Education advisor, because we host the appointments.  Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux (select distros), Android, and iOS.

DRN Education does not provide technical support for the apps, but you can find a lot of information on each company's website and on YouTube, if needed.  You may find the following helpful:

DRN Education advisors set their own schedules (which vary to accommodate students in different global time zones), and they book their own appointments.  To meet with a specific advisor, contact them and request an appointment.  If you are not yet working with a specific advisor, contact; or, click on the 'Request More Information' button at the top of the page, and submit the form.


  • When an advisor send you an appointment invite, please accept or decline it using the links in the appointment invitation email.
  • Make sure that your time zone is set correctly on your device.  An incorrect setting may cause your computer to show the wrong meeting time.
  • Make sure that you are correctly identifying yourself when joining a Zoom or RingCentral meeting.  Incorrectly or not identifying yourself may cause the advisor to not recognize you and not admit you into a meeting/appointment session.

DRN Education makes online advising easy.

Online Classes

DRN Education combines proven teaching methods with modern technology.

DRN Education's online classes are taught by the same instructors who teach our in-person classes.
Our faculty members each have a unique teaching style.
All are experts in their fields with strong track-records as very sucessful educators.
All science/medical instructors have doctoral or professional degrees.

This expertise and experience is, then, delivered via platforms — such as Meta, RingCentral, and Zoom — which are reliable and user-friendly.
Most sessions are recorded and available for those who want to watch them again and/or for those whose schedules do not allow them to attend live sessions.

Our instructors – both in in-person and in online classes – create dynamic and engaging environments and use novel technologies; but, the priority is almost upon learning and understanding.

Online Resources

Today's students expect to have a diverse collection of electronic resources at their digital fingertips.

DRN Education provides most of our hosted resources on ENGAGE – our online learning platform.

Additionally, DRN Education partners with and/or recommends resources of many other providers — such as E2, DrBeen, and UWorld — companies who have proven themselves to be effective and responsible and who provide their learning resources via reliable online apps.

We want you to have high-quality resources that are convenient and affordable.

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