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Testimonial - Johanna Campos, MD

I decided to start my USMLE journey after graduation, and I did not know too much about the details or how to get prepared for the steps.  This journey is hard to figure out, specially as an IMG.  Fortunately, I met Duane Hill.  He became my mentor and friend, with so much important advice.  When I finished my steps, he helped me a lot with my ERAS application in order to reflect my qualities and apply with a smart strategy to get some chances in the specialty that I wanted.  He also prepared me for residency interviews.  It was extremely helpful in order to improve my skills and feel more comfortable during interview season.  I definitely recommend him.  He is an excellent medical advisor.

Johanna Campos, MD – San Salvador, El Salvador

Testimonial - Carolina Musri, MD

Duane was my mentor from the DRN team.  I have nothing but words of gratitude towards him and his professionalism.  He is the bridge IMGs need; he clearly knows the pathway to medical residency and his experience in this field is incomparable.  He was always available whenever I had a doubt and consistently supported me with kind words of encouragement.  He is also the person who identifies your strengths and weaknesses and advices you to maximize your chances.  I strongly believe he was key to match in my first choice.  Thank you, Duane, for guiding me in this difficult but awesome journey!

Carolina Musri, MD – Mendoza, Argentina

Testimonial - Rinu Sharon Varghese, MD

I first met Dr Ravi in February 2017.  Since the beginning, he was very helpful.  When i started my Step 1 preparation, I was literally clueless about where to begin and how to move forward; but, I met with Dr Ravi, seeking his guidance.  He helped me formulate a plan regarding how to use my time and resources efficiently, and it helped me pass my exam.  He is very honest in giving opinions, and he is willing to help someone the best way possible.  I still look up to him for his guidance.  Dr Ravi is the best counselor anyone could ever have. The level of knowledge he owns in different aspects of the field is impeccable.  His advice kept me motivated to achieve my goals.

Rinu Sharon Varghese, MD – Thiruvalla, India

Hey everyone!  I want to share my experience being an IMG from Venezuela trying to get into Internal Medicine in the US.  First of all, I want to say that it is possible and that YOU can do it!!  But yes, it is hard work; and, for that you will need some help.  Since the beginning my advisors became my friends and my most reliable source of information for everything — From anatomy, to UWorld Step 1, to financial issues, to finally working on my personal statement and submitting my application!  To Duane and Ravi, I just can say, "THANK YOU!"

Testimonial - Maria Jose Bernal Riera, MD

Maria Jose Bernal Riera, MD
– Caracas, Venezuela

I met Dr. Ravi in 2013 when I started my preparation for my USMLE Step 1.  I didn't have any idea how to study.  Even the ECFMG registration was overwhelming for me.  He was really helpful.  He helped me in every step.  I had monthly meetings with him to check on my progress.  He was always courteous and respectful.  He found the way to explain to me those topics that were really difficult to understand.  He made draws, graphics, or concept maps to make things easier.  I always felt relief after our meetings.  He not only helped me through Step 1, he helped me until the end – until I finished all the Steps.  He always had good advice.  I think I couldn't have had a better medical advisor.

Testimonial - Rosbel Maria Brito Jurado, MD

Rosbel Maria Brito Jurado, MD
– Maracaibo, Venezuela

Duane helped me through the whole process, since the very first day, giving me advice about how to start my preparation.  Then he helped me with the personal statement and interview preparation.  Every time he had the right words for me, encouraging me to keep working hard.

Testimonial - Juan Alvarado, MD

Juan Alvarado, MD
– Quito, Ecuador

I am an international medical graduate, and I matched into a pediatric residency in the USA in 2019.  I had an opportunity to study with Duane Hill for 2 years in test prep courses (Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 2CS) and for half a year in interview season.  Duane is the mentor who understands very well the matching process in the USA.  With his guidance, I could make a professional CV to apply for observerships and my ERAS application.  He also instructed me how to perform the interview professionally and successfully.  During the interview season, he answered promptly and enthusiastically all my questions and worries.  He reviewed my credentials carefully and gave me very useful instruction on how to choose the letters of recommendation, how to follow up with the programs after the interview.  He also recommended precisely things not to do that could negatively affect my application.  Duane is a great, experienced, and professional resource that IMGs can trust to get a successful MATCH result.

Testimonial - Tam Tran, MD

Tam Tran, MD
– Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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