ERAS® Application Support Services

For Pre-US-Residency Medical Students and IMGs Applying To or Entering US Medical Residency Programs

Medical Residency Application Support Services

Delivered by Residency Application Support Services

You've done the hard work…

Medical School
The Years
The Long Hours
The Sacrifice

Now comes the part you've been working towards...

But how???

Friends, colleagues, the forums – even Program Directors… They all say 101 different things.

What should you do to be successful?

Where Confusion Ends

DRN Education has partnered with Residency Application Support Services to provide you with some of the best advising, guidance, mentoring, and support services available to make your journey through this final step to medical residency as successful and as stress-free as possible.

You can look forward to assistance with the following:

  • Specialty Targeting
  • The Timeline — and why you do NOT need to panic
  • MSPEs
  • The ERAS Application
  • The Personal Statement
  • Researching Residency Programs
  • Application Assembly and Submission
  • Interviewing
  • Rank Order Lists
  • SOAP
  • … and more

Services are very fairly priced.
You can ask about payment options.

Note that annual enrollment is limited.

Residency Application Support Services is owned and managed by DRN's own Dr Hill.

Over 30 Years Experience As an Educator

Over 20 Years Experience Working With Medical Students and IMGs Targeting Residencies

Advisee Match Rate: ~92%


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What Others Say About Him:

"Thanks for everything! You are an amazing professor and advisor."

"We Matched!"

"Your help was invaluable to me."

"I am so grateful. You are such a great advisor."

"You are the bridge IMGs need."

"Thank you. You really made the difference."


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