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DRN Education Offers Comprehensive Solutions To Support Your Pathway To Success

Student ID Card

Access to certain DRN classes and/or facilities may require a DRN Student ID card.

Beyond that, many retailers and/or service providers will provide discounts to students who can prove their status as a student.

Additionally, many colleges and medical schools will allow access to their libraries to students.

CLICK HERE to request a Student ID Card.
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NOTE: A fee may apply to certain students and/or for replacement of lost cards.

Student Verification Letter

From time to time, you may be asked to provide verification of your student status and/or your affiliation with DRN Education.

In most cases, one of our standard letters will provide what you need.
CLICK HERE to request a Student Verification Letter.
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Student Medical Malpractice Insurance

It's not just physicians who have professional liability and who can face the prospect of being sued for medical malpractice.  All healthcare professionals – including STUDENTS – can be sued and should obtain professional liability (aka "malpractice") insurance.

Affinity Insurance Services is a respected provider of professional liability insurance for healthcare professionals and healthcare students.  Their rates are VERY affordable.

For more information, click on one of the links below:

Nurses Service Organization — Insurance for Nurses and Nursing Students

Healthcare Providers Service Organization — Insurance for Physicians, Medical Students, and Other Allied Healthcare Professionals and Students

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT A US SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:  HPSO provides coverage to students without a US Social Security number, but you cannot enroll via their website.  Contact DRN Education Support at for more information and for an enrollment form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All DRN Education students/clients who are enrolled in courses where they will (or may) have contact with actual patients and all persons doing internships, clerkships, rotations, etc with DRN Education affiliated healthcare providers must have Student Professional Liability Insurance which provides minimum coverage of $1,000,000 (US$) per claim.  HPSO and NSO policies satisfy this requirement.

Student Health Insurance

Healthcare in the United States is different from most countries and can potentially cause financial difficulties to students. Quality health insurance helps to protect from high medical expenses; therefore, DRN Education recommends that all international students maintain health insurance.

DRN Education has partnered with ISO Student Health Insurance to provide health insurance plans with appropriate coverage options for international students at affordable rates.

Additionally, when you purchase a DRN Education sponsored plan via the following link, ISOA will waive your $16 annual administration fee.

View ISOA Health Insurance Options Page will open in a new tab.

We are also happy to share links to the following ISOA resources and videos…

If you are a US citizen or lawful permanent resident (aka "green card holder") and do not have health insurance coverage through an employer or other group, through a spouse, or through a parent, you may wish to explore health insurance coverage options via

OET® (Occupational English Test) Exam Preparation

The Occupational English Test® is now required by many pre-licensure and licensing authorities in the United States — including ECFMG, as a pre-requisite for IMG certification and eligibility to participate in medical residency matching.

The OET is NOT an intuitive exam, and even many native-English-speakers struggle to pass the test.
Do not put yourself in a position where you think you're prepared, take it, fail it, and have to re-take it… perhaps ruining your residency application timeline.

E2 Test Prep
DRN Education has partnered with E2 Test Prep – a trusted provider of OET test preparation services, with a strong track-record of student success.  They offer a variety of both on-demand and live-online preparation options with excellent and dedicated instructors.  Their prices are extremely reasonable and affordable.

For More Information
You can reach-out to Leyla Bozer, our OET Prep Student Liaison.

Do Not Put Off Your OET Exam
Get prep'd today!

Document Translation - Spanish-to-English

International healthcare professionals often need to have educational and other documentation translated to English for legal, educational, and employment purposes.

Originally from Venezuela, Ingrid Cova, JD, is a certified Spanish-English translator, who is very familiar with educational documentation and the needs of international healthcare professionals, especially those from Latin America.  She is a trusted member of the extended DRN family.

Her rates are VERY affordable — only $30 per translated page — and she provides services online to clients throughout the United States and internationally.

For more information and/or to arrange for translation services with Ms Cova, email her at or call her at 312-619-6420.

Document Translation - Other Languages

International healthcare professionals often need to have educational and other documentation translated to English for legal, educational, and employment purposes.

Ultra Translate provides certified translation services in a variety of languages, and many of our students have reported positive experiences with them.

For more information, visit their website at

A Place To Stay / Housing

Houston is one of the most affordable cities in the United States; and, it does not suffer from the housing shortages and extreme prices of other major US cities.

For individuals seeking short-term housing – from a couple of weeks to a couple of months – we encourage students to explore options through providers such as Airbnb.

For those needing long-term housing – six months or more – we suggest reputable online search tools such as or Zillow.

CLICK HERE to open a map of Houston
Texas Medical Center is located in the southwest corner of the Inner Loop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the Houston housing market is not as "tight" as other cities, you should still begin your housing search as soon as possible in order to have more and more-affordable options.

Houston METRO

Houston Metro

The METRO provides safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly transportation throughout Houston and surrounding areas, including multiple routes serving Texas Medical Center.

Additionally, students are eligible for a 50% discount.
You will require a Student Verification Letter from us to qualify.

CLICK HERE to visit the METRO website

CLICK HERE to request a Student Verification Letter
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Affordable Vaccinations in Houston

You may be required to provide proof of vaccination before doing rotations and/or before beginning your residency or fellowship.  This can be problematic for many international students whose health records are not readily available.

If you are living in or visiting Houston, the following clinics may be able to provide titers or vaccinations for immunization documentation and clearance:

Your Physician - if you live in Houston, you should have a primary care physician in Houston

CVS Minute Clinic ® - a bit more expensive but MANY locations

Walgreens ® - convenient online booking for common vaccinations across metro Houston

Access Health - several locations in southwest Houston

Express Family Clinic - locations north of Houston

Legacy Community Health - several locations throughout central Houston

These are just suggestions.  Your healthcare is your responsibility and you should research all options prior to selecting a provider.  Your primary care physician should always be consulted.

DRN Education provides information about and links to "Trusted Partners" as a convenience to our students based on experience; however, no guarantee or assurance is made by DRN Education in relation to these products and/or services. Any transaction entered into between you and one of our partner providers is pursuant to an independent relationship between you and the provider, and DRN Education has no liability for any fault, dissatisfaction, or breach.